Economic Diplomacy

Economic Diplomacy

Economic Diplomacy on the focus of Foreign Policy

Economic diplomacy is traditionally defined as the decision-making, policy-making and advocating of the sending state’s business interests. Economic diplomacy requires the application of technical expertise which analyze the effects of a country's economic situation on its political climate and on economic interests. 
Economic diplomacy is the art of serving economic security and strategic interests of the country by the use of economic instrument in conduct of state-to-state relations
Economic diplomacy is designed to influence policy and regulatory decisions of foreign governments, as well as those of international organizations. It goes beyond trade and investment to the resolution of multiple causes of international conflicts.
The agenda of economic diplomacy is comprehensive and includes amongst others issues pertaining to foreign trade and import-export relations, promoting of national economic interests in other countries, informing and updating potential foreign investors on investment opportunities, negotiating economic and trade agreements on economic and trade co-operation, as well as co-operating with a view to eliminating problematic divergences and harmonizing standards in various sectors (economic, social, environmental, educational etc.).   
Economic diplomacy is functional at three levels:  bilateral, regional and multilateral.
Bilateral economic diplomacy plays a major role in economic relations. It includes bilateral agreements on trade, investment, employment, taxation, as well as a wide range of formal and informal economic issues between two countries. Bilateral Free Trade Agreements have been the order of the day and are being implemented by many countries around the world.
Regional cooperation is of growing importance in economic diplomacy. National interests and economic liberalization are well-served particularly within the context of a particular region. The removal of barriers and opening of markets become easier within a regional framework. 
Multilateral economic diplomacy takes place within the framework of World Trade Organization (WTO), as well as numerous international economic and financial organizations such as the World Bank (WB), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), various UN agencies etc. With the establishment of WTO, there has been a policy shift in global trading system towards the promotion of economic activities. Sustaining competitiveness, however, continues to represent an important challenge for instruments and mechanisms established by bilateral and multilateral trade agreements. 


The Albanian Government is consistently preoccupied for advancing the quality of new reforms, the rapid pace with which they are being implemented, and above all, the quality and capacity for decision-making towards the business environment improvement of from one year to another.

In continuously perseverance to get the best from the experience of domestic economic actors, the Government of Albania speaks to the entrepreneurship in its own language. Special state structures are set up especially for facilitating this communication, unifying the language, identifying obstacles and problems and correctly addressing toward the best solutions.

Alnbania’s Potential


ColoursofAlbania – Digital Diplomacy in Action

#What is #ColoursofAlbania?

Nationwide campaign and photo contest on social media to promote Albania

(Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Web)

Use your imagination to introduce Albania!

This initiative aims at portraying the image of the country, by displaying and sharing across the world our society's true colors, enchanting towns and villages, pristine beaches and landscapes, as well as historical Albanian markets and castles. #ColoursofAlbania Contest

The subject is free, including religious coexistence, Albanian society, art, culture, etc. Each week the subject will be published on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages, websites of Telecom Albania, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Albanian diplomatic missions abroad and other public institutions.



The promotion of #ColoursofAlbania will start on May 27, 2016 and will last until July 31, 2016. The launch of the campaign will take place at the Telecom Center Albania (Lounge Bar - with a capacity of 150 persons).



The contest is open to all Albanian citizens and especially young people, who are passionate about photography, travel, art, culture, nature, etc.

Partners in promoting #ColoursofAlbania

Public Institutions: Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Welfare and Youth, AIDA, Municipality of Tirana.

Well-known personalities: Ermonela Jaho, Saimir Pirgu, Kledi Kadiu, National Football Team, Laura Mersini , James Belushi, Elina Duni, Ermal Mamaqi.

  • *     


1. Follow your imagination and take pictures depicting the beauty of Albania;

2. Publish pictures in your Instagram profile, with the hashtag #CouloursofAlbania;

3. TAG our Instagram profile @ColoursofAlbania;

4. TAG on Facebook @ColoursofAlbania;

5. You can send your pictures by hitting “CHECK IN” at the place where it was taken;

6. You can send pictures published months ago, as long as you use the #ColoursofAlbania hashtag.



• First place;
• Two second places;
• Three third places.


Winners will be invited to attend the photo exhibition and activities to be held in the framework of #ColoursofAlbania.

Winning pictures will be part of a booklet to be distributed to all Albanian diplomatic missions abroad and moreover, it will be used as a symbolic gift of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

#ColoursofAlbania is a project of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Albania, supported by Telekom Albania, which aims at exploring the theme "Albania is beautiful" through the collection of creative pictures by users of Instagram and other social media.

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