Published on: 07 September 2021

Humanitarian mission to shelter Afghan citizens, Minister Xhaçka: We will also take care of education

During a statement for the TV show "Open", on Top Channel with journalist Eni Vasili, the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Olta Xhaçka, stated that Albania has so far welcomed about 700 Afghan citizens, thanks to a humanitarian mission with international partners and organizations.

"The situation in Afghanistan with the withdrawal of U.S. and NATO troops did not found us unprepared. Maybe because of the experience that we have had under a totalitarian regime, maybe because our region has fresh memories of wars and riots, we were aware that the withdrawal and coming to power of the Taliban would create a tragic situation for all those who worked with us, with NATO, for almost 20 years and who believed in the vision of a democratic Afghanistan. In fact, it was Prime Minister Rama who first raised this concern at the last NATO summit. "There was no doubt for us that this would be a problem, that we had a responsibility towards these Afghan citizens who were our allies and that something had to be done," Minister Xhaçka said.
According to her, there are about 20 international organizations engaged in this humanitarian mission, which are covering the financial treatment of Afghan citizens.

"It's not Albania which holds the bill, taking it away from the Albanian people and giving it to the Afghan people. Certainly, our country has undertaken this in coordination with our partners, providing security, health, and maybe education services, stated the minister during the interview.
According to the "Asylum" law in the Republic of Albania, Afghan citizens who are sheltered or will continue to be sheltered in Albania seek temporary protection, a status for which proceedings can take up to one year. During this period, is being worked on a concrete project of education or social treatment of these citizens.

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