Citizenship Issues


Citizenship issues are handled by the MIA, the Department of Citizenship. Albanian citizens and foreigners can submit their requirements for obtaining and renouncing citizenship to our missions abroad, but also to the regional police, in the district where they reside in Albania.

When requirements for obtaining and renouncing citizenship are presented to the mission, they are forwarded through the MFA to the MIA, Department of Citizenship. After being checked, the MIA, Department of Citizenship, sends them to the Presidency, the Office of Citizenship, for a final decision.

Obtaining citizenship by naturalization

Application for citizenship by naturalization is done by foreigners only at the local police stations of the State Police. Their further checking is carried out by the Department of Citizenship at the MIA and the final decision is taken by the Presidency, the Office of Citizenship.

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Allowing a second citizenship

Obtaining and renouncing the Albanian nationality is carried out through a decree of the President of the Republic of Albania. The Albanian legislation allows other nationalities, apart from the Albanian citizenship. The Albanian legislation does not allow the renouncement of the Albanian citizenship, when persons requesting it are left stateless.