Consular notarial acts and translation of documents

Consular notarial acts

As long as they are not confined by the legislation, our missions issue at the request of citizens and process notarial acts as records, statements, authorizations, simple proxies, verify signatures, copies or document extracts.

Simple proxies
Consular diplomats are allowed to edit simple proxies, which include certain special proxies. Through them, representation rights for simple administrative actions are passed, which do not aim at the raising, modification or termination of the ownership rights and obligations of the represented person.

For the issuance of proxies, citizens appear in person at our diplomatic and consular missions.

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Translation of documents
Representations translate documents, mainly those of the civil registry, from the respective country’s language into Albanian and vice versa, which will be further used in administrative procedures. They can also prove the regularity of the translation.

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