The visa regime for foreigners is determined based on Law, 108/13, "For foreigners", and DCM no. 569, dated 03.10.2018 for some additions and changes to the Decision no. 513, dated 13.06.2013 of the Council of Ministers on "On determining the criteria of procedures and documentation for entry, stay and treatment of foreigners in the Republic of Albania", as amended.

Enter Albania without a visa:

a) Foreigners holding a valid Schengen multi-pass visa, which has previously been used in one of the Schengen area countries, or who have a valid residence permit in one of the Schengen area countries;

b) Foreigners holding a valid US or UK multi-pass visa, which has previously been used in one of these countries, or who have a valid residence permit in the US or the UK.

c) Foreign citizens from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, India, Qatar, Oman, Russia and Thailand, can enter in Albania without visa,for short term stay, with the passport document, from 01 April 2021 until 31 December 2021.

ç) "Foreign members of the family of EU citizens", when traveling with an EU citizen spouse, as well as in addition to a valid passport, have a document (residence permit) which cites their status as a family member ”

d) Foreign citizens who have a valid permit of stay, issued by the competent authority of the United Arab Emirates;

Type "visa" is a visa, which entitles its holder to enter and stay in the Republic of Albania for up to 90 days within 180 days, starting from the date of first entry. The "C" visa can be issued with one, two or more entries. The validity period may not exceed 5 years.

Type "visa", is a visa, which is issued to foreign citizens, who seek to stay in the Republic of Albania for more than 90 days for 180 days and when, to obtain a residence permit for these citizens is required visa.

Attached is the table with the specified visa regime for each foreign country:

Visa regime for foreigners

Foreigners from countries not included in the table need a visa before traveling to Albania and applications can be submitted to the nearest representation from their country of origin or residence;

For the type of documentation and online visa application, please click on the link:


1) Visa regime with Saudi Arabia

The "Memorandum of Understanding between the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Albania and the Government of Saudi Arabia, for the mutual abolition of short-stay visas for holders of diplomatic, private and service passports, for citizens of both countries" has entered into force.

Article 1

Citizens of both parties may enter the territory of the other party without a visa (for official and private reasons), without a visa, for an uninterrupted stay or with several stays, for a period not exceeding (90) days within (180) days, presenting a valid diplomatic or private passport (only for Saudi citizens) and a valid diplomatic or service passport (only for Albanian citizens).

Article 2

Citizens of both parties, holders of diplomatic and private passports (only for Saudi citizens), and holders of diplomatic or service passports (only for Albanian citizens), must apply for a visa for uninterrupted residence or with several stays for longer stays longer than that provided in Article 1.

2) Change of visa regime with the Dominican Republic (only for Albanian citizens)

Albanian citizens traveling to the Dominican Republic for tourism purposes and staying up to 30 days, they are exempted from the obligation to obtain a visa, provided that they are provided in advance with the Tourism Card (Trajeta de Turismo), which can to be picked up at the travel agencies where the travel ticket purchase is made, or at the airport of entry into the Dominican Republic.